5 Questions I Asked Before I Launched My Startup

Who among us doesn’t have a dream to be the next king of Silicon Valley, sitting pretty on a throne of self-made success? We all have an idea that we think could be the next big startup; where we differ is preparation, dedication, and asturdation. Last week, the startup I launched at the height of the pandemic finally hit its first million in profit revenue. I might not be king yet, but I’m on my way, and I’m willing to share the throne with you. Here are the five questions I asked myself before I began my journey to prosperity:

  1. Where is the capital coming from? — A startup without finances is a hobby. If six years in the tech industry has taught me anything, it’s this: no matter your background, no matter how foolproof your plan, if you don’t have the know-how to secure reliable funding, you’re going to fail.

That’s it. Ask yourself these questions and think real hard about your answers. This is the only personality test that matters if you want to hack it in the valley. I made it. Will you?



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